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7 Types of Services Before Renting a Car

For some people, utilizing car rental products and services is more profitable
if compared to owning a private car or using public transportation.
Besides not having to think about care, it is also convenient to use.
But before you use car rental products and services, it’s good to know car rental tips first as well as the type of car rental services offered by rental service companies.
Here are some types of car rental services that are usually provided to users by car rental services.
car rental products and services

car rental products and services

1. Daily Car Rental

This one service is one of the most commonly offered by car rental services.
As the name implies, the daily car rental service is renting a car on a daily basis.
As for some set time periods such as 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours.
In addition, daily car rental also offers driver or non-driver services.
Of course the prices provided are also different.

2. Monthly Car Rental

The type of car rental services that are also often offered by car rental service companies are monthly car rentals.
When compared to renting a car on a daily basis, renting a monthly car is much cheaper.
Of course, also consider the needs.
Usually those who rent a car monthly are those who need a car for the long term such as going home or business needs.
The count is applied for 30 days, so even if you rent for 25 days, it still counts 30 days or a full month.

3. Shuttle Car Rental

Maybe not many people know about this one service facility.
This is because not all car rental services provide this service.
Shuttle service is a form of innovation from car rental services due to the high level of community needs for shuttle transportation.
Although the rent is more expensive compared to public transportation, but the services provided are quite satisfying one of them in terms of comfort.

4. Self-driving Car Rental

Most car renters prefer to rent a car without a driver, in addition to being cheaper as well as more car capacity.
Car rental services without a driver is often also called the key off lease.
To be able to use this service, there are usually certain conditions as collateral.

5. Long-term Car Rental

Another car rental service that you can use is Long-term car rental.
In general, users of these services are developing companies.
Usually the company rents cars for an annual period.
Long-term car rental is more profitable than having your own fleet because this is one way to minimize company budget.
Types of cars that are usually leased for long-term needs such as Avanza, Innova and Xenia

6. City Tour Car Rental

Users of this service are out-of-town tourists who want to explore certain cities.
The high demand for city tour services is what makes a number of car rental services initiated to provide city tour car rental services.
This service is flexible depending on requests from passengers who want to visit the object they want.

7. All In One Tou Package Car Rental

This type of car rental service covers all costs.
So car renters do not need to incur additional costs, such as gas, tolls, parking, driver meals, driver lodging and so on.
It is suitable for those of you who do not remember the hassle of traveling for family and tourism purposes.
Those are some types of car rental services that need to be known.
Hopefully the information above can be a reference before you use a car rental for your activities.


With some rental companies you can pick up a car at one location and return it to another. Usually this type of service is expensive. If the distance between rental stations is long enough, the drop off charge can exceed the entire rental price.

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