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Mansalaar Island, known as Mursala Island

Mursala Island is the largest island in the Central Tapanuli district and was once used as a place for filming Hollywood King Kong (2005) because of its breathtaking scenery

This 8,000 hectare island is located 14 miles away from Sibolga on the east coast of North Sumatra.
Mursala Island

Mursala Island

There are only a few such waterfalls in the world, two of which are in Indonesia (the other is Kahatola Waterfall in Maluku).
This waterfall has its own legend.
According to the legend of the headwaters, this waterfall is the bath.
Pulau Mursala

Pulau Mursala

There are several other interesting attractions around Mursala Island that you can visit.
– Jambe Island: shallow water area with many types of corals and fish.
– Labuan Hunik Bay: good site for diving and snorkeling.
– There is a lagoon with white sand that connects Silabu-pumpkin Na Godang and Kalimatung Na Menek Islands.
– Puti Island: islands with white sand beaches and shallow waters with beautiful marine ecosystems.

How to enjoy Mursala Island Waterfall?

The travel time from Polonia Airport Medan– FL Tobing Pinangsori Sibolga Airport is about 45 minutes.
Mursala Island is about an hour away by speedboat from the jetty on the coast of Pandan Regency, Sibolga or three hours by regular boat.
Boat rental fees to get there around 1.3 million.
Travelers usually swim under Mursala Falls and feel the fresh water meeting with salt water.
Snorkeling can also be the right choice.
Because, under the sea Mursala  is inhabited by a variety of adorable colorful fish species

Tapian Nauli I, Tapian Nauli, Kabupaten Tapanuli Tengah, Sumatera Utara

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