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Guide to Getting a Rental Car with Excellent Condition

Renting a car with excellent conditions is a way to avoid you from unexpected costs

You will always risk being cheated when renting a car in Indonesia.

For this reason, this Guide can ensure that you will not be fooled by agents or car rental companies.

things to consider in Getting a Rental Car with Excellent Condition

Cars with Excellent Condition

Cars with Excellent Condition

Ask the condition and facilities of the car to be rented

Knowing the condition of the car before the car key is given is the most important thing when choosing a car rental.

You must ask and be careful about the condition of the car you will be using.

So that if there really is a shortage in the car, you can immediately request to replace a car that is indeed worth using.

For example, a stractch body to the condition of the tire is also the engine.

So that when the road does not happen things that are not desirable, for example, if the car broke down because the engine is actually not roadworthy.

If you have used the car and damaged, it will be borne by you as a tenant.

So always be careful and ask about the condition of the car clearly, so that you will not be harmed.

It’s expensive, but the rental car was damaged on the road, the vacation wasn’t fun.

Do not forget to ask what facilities you get at the price of the rental car.

Is the car rental off key without a driver, plus the driver to the rental package plus all the fuel. Ask clearly what facilities you will get to avoid misunderstanding.

Ask to Provide the Latest Car

a good car rental company always provides the latest cars to Getting a Rental Car in Excellent Condition, by regenerating their old cars.

because old cars usually always have problems with the injection pump and radiator.

Although the old car looks good and is always checked periodically, but that does not ensure your car is in good condition.

always ensure your trip perfectly with Professional car rental company and always provide the best for customers


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