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How to ensure a safe car rental order in Indonesia

Deciding to rent a car in Indonesia can be one of the biggest help that you will do for yourself because it will make your trip beautiful and unforgettable.

There are other ways to get around in this country and I will illustrate it here, but the best decision so far is to find a car rental because with your car rental trip it’s definitely easier and more efficient.

Why? Because you will get a lot of freedom and flexibility! You will be able to reach any city you want, no need to worry about car maintenance and you will have many choices for all budgets and ensure your own cost savings.

Renting a car comes with one important advantage – you can choose to take a car at the airport or hotel you are going to occupy.

Must always carry Your license or driver’s license while driving.

Make sure your driving permit is still valid.

Know your needs

The purpose of car rental in Indonesia is certainly different, whether for tours, business, office work or just for airport transfers, cars are also available in various capacities up to the tourist bus. By knowing the rental car needs, you can determine the rental needs for , so you can choose the right car

Determine the place visited

Schedule your trip, especially when compiling tour plans in Indonesian cities, determine the attractions to be visited, so that you have an estimate of how many days you need the vehicle. You can see the location and path of the tourist map and you can find it easily on online media including google maps, or others so that it is time efficient and saves fuel costs.

Check car rental prices here

Know the general quality of the vehicle you are going to rent, including the type, year of vehicle, services provided, and the capacity of the vehicle.

Online Booking

If booking via the internet or online, make sure the address listed on the website and contact details are clear, the company can also be checked on google maps, including reviews or reviews that have used the rental service. It is almost rare and there have never been cases of fraud, let alone for car rental in Indonesia, you must remain cautious. You must check the validity period of the vehicle tax to avoid speeding tickets from the police

Check the terms and conditions here

Before you deal to make payments, you also need to know the rental terms and conditions in as much detail as possible, be it the area of ​​rental, shuttle vehicles, excess usage, insurance claims and various other things

Self drive or with driver

Car rentals usually provide various types of vehicles there that can self drive or with a driver, understand your needs

Check car equipment

You should see complete car documents for the car you are renting. Car equipment such as vehicle condition, car tires, spare tires, jacks, car brakes etc.

Lease agreement

You must have a copy of the lease agreement.
Read carefully, pay attention to the condition of the vehicle that is scratched due to friction or because of other things, to avoid things that are not desirable.

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