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How to get the best price for car rental in Indonesia

Protect your vehicle at the best price!

Pay close attention to guarantee that the price you can get is the cheapest.

If you find a lower price than other places, tell our agents or claim through our website and we will give you a cheaper price based on the price difference you find!

Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee

We will give you the best price guarantee based on the difference you find at other agents who like us as a form of our commitment as the best online insurance provider in Indonesia.

We provide a simulation of how you get the best price guarantee

With a car rental, you can also more easily plan your travel agenda in more detail.

Many benefits in terms of time and travel itinerary are more efficient if you have booked a rental car beforehand.

Even though the car belongs to someone else who has been equipped with car insurance, still obey traffic signs and drive safely on the highway.

Tips for getting a car rental with the best price guarantee:

Make a car rental reservation via the website

Internet sites that provide prices with a longer usage range discount, you should compare the price of the rental car whether it has a good price if the usage is longer.

Find as much information as possible about discount car rental price quotes via the internet or social media. Then you can save some of your money

Make a car rental reservation early.

Companies or car rental owners will sometimes provide lower car rental rates to customers who make reservations earlier, compared to those who make last minute reservations, especially when using weekends or peak season.


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