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Cheap Budget Family Vacation in Medan, Ranging from Choice of Travel Destinations

Medan is a favorite place for backpackers from all over the country. However, tourist attractions in Medan are not only dominated by cultural richness. You can also find family tourism destinations in this city.

For your consideration, the following three tourist attractions in Medan can be an option while on vacation with family:

Pandan Sibolga Beach


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Spending vacation time by playing at Pandan Sibolga Beach is an attractive choice. This beach is quite safe for children. In addition to the crowded conditions, this beach also has waves that are not too high. You also do not need to worry when your child playing water on the beach.

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In addition, the facilities at this beach are also quite complete. There are several places that provide seafood culinary offerings. These include crabs and various types of fish. Enjoying dishes with clear sea water views and shady trees makes you feel relaxed.

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Lawang Hill


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Lawang Hill is the right place if you want to get your child closer to wildlife. This place was used as a rehabilitation center for orangutans. However, now it has changed its function to become a center for orangutan observation. So, you need high luck to be able to meet with orangutans.

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Besides having the opportunity to meet directly with orangutans, there are also other activities that can be done here. By utilizing the Bahorok River flow, tourists often try the tubing experience using tires in the car. This activity is quite safe, even children can also try it.

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Efi Garden Flower & Camping Tourism


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Kebun Efi was located on Jl. Kabanjahe – Siosar KM 13 Siosar, Sukamaju, Tiga Panah, Karo Regency, North Sumatra. Kebun Efi is only open to the public on Sundays / holidays at 10:00 WIB. To enter the location you are charged IDR 10.000 / person and no parking fee. The tourist location is very comfortable and cool, maybe because it is located on a hill that makes the view from here very beautiful

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In addition to the camping arena, in the Efi garden there are also cattle, horse, organic plantations and beekeeping. Yes, in the Efi garden there are about 7 cluster bees scattered around the EFI garden. Each cluster contains 15-20 bee colonies and produces Efi Honey.

With 20K, we can enjoy a cup of honey water + fresh lime juice from the Efi Kebun beekeeping. Well, if you are interested in bringing home the original honey, we can buy it at a price of 165K for 400 gram packaging or 430K for 1000 gram glass packaging.

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Choosing Cheap Hotels that are Family Friendly in Medan

You don’t need to worry about finding cheap hotels in Medan while on vacation with family. The capital of North Sumatra Province has a variety of places to stay at economical rates. However, not all of them provide comfort and security for children.

Hotel OYO and RedDoorz provide solutions to these problems. Having a reputation as the largest inexpensive hotel chain in Indonesia, they provide comfortable and inexpensive accommodation facilities in Medan. You are comfortable, your little one is also happy.

Various facilities guarantee the comfort of the guests. Room with AC cooler becomes a loyal friend while in the hotel. Cleanliness of the bed is also a priority. In addition, guests also get other facilities such as WiFi internet access and free drinking water, toiletries, bathrooms with warm water, and flat screen TVs. 7 These facilities will certainly not make you feel disappointed when in OYO and RedDOORZ Hotels

Making a hotel reservation through cheap hotel chains throughout Indonesia is also easy. You can get rooms directly through the applications available for Android and iPhone phones. Can also access the official website through a computer. Next, payments can be sent via bank transfer or via credit card.

With a combination of economical low-cost lodging options and cheap tourist ticket admission, a vacation can be done with a limited fee. Having fun doesn’t always have to be expensive, right?


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