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How to Find the Cheapest Car Rental in Yogyakarta

Finding a car rental in Yogyakarta is very easy. In fact, Yogyakarta as a city of students has so many wonderful places to visit. That is why many local and foreign tourists often visit Yogyakarta especially for vacation. However, many people make mistakes when looking for a car rental so that they get a costly one. ICANRENTACAR.COM will give you the best prices for renting a car in Yogyakarta or any other city in Indonesia.

Costly Car Rental Misakes – What to Avoid

There are some mistakes done by people when renting a car that cause costly car rental. Therefore you have to know those mistakes and then you must avoid them. Here they are:

Purchasing Extra Insurance

Many car rentals in Yogyakarta offer insurance. Before you decide to buy it or not, you have to think about it carefully, whether you really need it.

If you have had an auto insurance that can cover collision damage & personal liability for the use of rental car, you may not any extra insurance again.

In addition, if you book & pay the rented car using a credit card, it may also provide secondary coverage of collision.

Therefore, you have to check it carefully. If you have had your own auto insurance and you purchase another one, it will be useless. However, if you really need the car rental insurance, ICANRENTACAR.COM also provides it.

Renting from Airports

If you decide to book car rental in Yogyakarta, you have to plan your route properly.

If you land at an airport, you have to know about the price whether renting from airports will cost surcharges or not.

Most car rental service providers will charge extra cost but fortunately ICANRENTACAR.COM does not cost any surcharge.

Of course, it becomes a great benefit if you rent a car at ICANRENTACAR.COM. So, dealing with car rental can be a smart investment when you visit Yogyakarta.

Not Shopping Around

The rate of car rental can vary. It depends on the lead time amount or the company. So, it may pay to shop around rather than taking a one-and-done approach.

ICANRENTACAR.COM car rental lets you compare shop between car rental companies & look for coupons.

If you want to drive long distance, you need to check the caps of mileage. If you want to rent a car with unlimited mileage,

you can choose the appropriate package because there are many options of package available at this car rental in Yogyakarta.

Prepaying for Gas

You may think that prepaying for gas seems convenient. However, it means you will pay for a full tank of gas, even you return it with tank half full. However, it depends on your destination.

There is also a package that includes fuel that will be appropriate for you who want to explore Yogyakarta all day.

So, you can decide to prepay for gas or not after you plan where to visit in Yogyakarta. Anyway, this car rental in Jogja will give you the best deal or option.

Paying Extra for a Car Seat or GPS

Sometimes, you think that paying extra money for a child car seat or GPS can be a good idea. However, it really costs much.

The extra cost can vary from one car rental service provider to another. Rather than you pay extra for it, you can use your Smartphone for navigation.

If you want to be more enjoyable, you can consider renting a car with driver so that you do not need GPS anymore. If you can save money, you can use the money for other needs.

Renting a Car with Driver

Renting a car with driver may cost more. If you can drive a car by your own, it is a good idea to consider self drive. In fact, ICANRENTACAR.COM car rental provides both offers.

You are allowed to rent a car either with or without driver. It depends on your needs and desire. If you are sure that you can find your destinations in Yogyakarta easily, self-drive car rental in Yogyakarta can be a good deal.

However, renting a car with driver also has some benefits. The driver can be asked for recommendations about beautiful destinations in Yogyakarta.

He can also lead you to your desired places safely and fast because he is familiar with the roads in Yogyakarta.

Returning a Rented Car Late

This car rental in Yogyakarta gives you compensation when you return the car late. However, it is only for one hour.

If you are late to return the rented car more than one hour, there will be late fee to be paid. To avoid this, make sure that you return the car on time.

Even more, many car rental service providers charge late fee for less than one hour late. Fortunately, ICANRENTACAR.COM still gives you compensation. So, you have to thank to them.

Choosing Car Rental in a Hurry

If you are looking for a car rental provider in Yogyakarta, you have to do it carefully, not in a hurry. So, you have to plan it properly before. You should compare one car rental provider to another. What you should compare include the prices, packages, etc.

Make sure that you only book a car based on your needs. ICANRENTACAR.COM car rental provides different types of car with various packages and prices. So, we are sure that they can find the best deals for you.

If you decide to rent a car at ICANRENTACAR.COM in Yogyakarta, it is better to book the car as early as possible so that the car can be prepared well.

Description: Car rental in Yogyakarta should be chosen wisely. ICANRENTACAR.COM car rental can be a good choice for you who want to visit Yogyakarta. However, you also must know the common mistakes in renting a car and you have to avoid them.

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