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Cheapest Car Rental in Batam for Enjoyable Vacation

There are many beautiful places that you can find in Batam. So, if you are looking for an upcoming holiday idea, it will be a good plan to visit Batam. To make your vacation enjoyable, you will need a Car Rental in Batam.

car rental in batam

You do not need to be confused to find it because there is ICANRENTACAR.COM providing transportation solutions in Batam and various cities in Indonesia. starting from IDR 350.000/DAY,  You can drive around the island of Batam ICANRENTACAR.COM is a car rental service provider in Batam with purpose for business, sightseeing, meeting, office or a visit to the area or as a means of transportation for transit to neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. Our rental fleet consists of the latest cars which are always in a clean condition and well maintained with the support of a friendly driver, experienced and reliable. Cheap car rental rates and competing but not reduce the quality and service we provide.

Provide Various Types Of Cars Most Complete Needs in Batam

Self drive car rental in batam


AGYA/SIGRA/CAYLAAT/MT42018 UP350.0005.500.000
BRIOAT/MT42020 UP350.0006.000.000
BALENO / RAIZE / ROCKYAT42022 UP450.0008.000.000
HR-V / JAZZ / YARISAT42017 UP500.0008.000.000
GRAND AVANZAMT62016 – 2018350.0006.000.000
AVANZA FLAT/ MT62019-2021400.0006.500.000
MOBILIOMT52020 Up350.0007.000.000
NEW XPANDER / NEW LIVINA / SUZUKI/ XL-7AT/MT62020 UP450.0008.500.000
WULING ALMAZAT62021 UP600.0009.000.000
XENIA CVT / AVANZA CVTAT62022 UP400.0008.000.000
NEW RUSH/ TERIOS/BR-V/VELOZ CVTAT/MT62020 UP450.0009.000.000
INNOVA REBORNAT/MT72018 -2020600.00012.000.000
INNOVA REBORN FLAT/MT72021-2023650.00013.000.000
INNOVA ZENIXAT72023750.00018.000.000
FORTUNERAT62019 UP1.300.00021.000.000
PAJERO DAKKARAT62019 UP1.300.00021.000.000

Disclaimer on : The following prices are for weekdays, price increases on holidays, such as Idul Fitri (Lebaran), Christmas & New Year


AGYA/SIGRA2017 UP3650.000
AVANZA FL2019 – 20215750.000
AVANZA CVT2022 UP5800.000
XPANDER2020 UP5850.000
NEW BR-V2022 UP5850.000
XL-72022 UP5850.000
INNOVA REBORN2019 -20226-7950.000
INNOVA VENTURER2019 UP61.200.000
INNOVA ZENIX20236-71.300.000
FORTUNER2020 UP61.700.000
PAJERO DAKKAR2020 UP61.700.000
HIACE COMMUTER2018 UP141.500.000
HIACE PREMIO2021 UP10-141.800.000
HIACE PREMIO VVIP2020 UP8-93.000.000
CAMRY2020 UP31.800.000
ALPHARD GEN 2-3201451.800.000
VOXY2020 UP51.800.000
BUS MEDIUM 27/29 SEAT253.000.000
BUS 34 SEAT343.500.000

Disclaimer on : The following prices are for weekdays, price increases on holidays, such as Idul Fitri (Lebaran), Christmas & New Year

You can see Vehicle Photos & Videos in our Whatsapp Catalog
If you want to go outside the city of Batam, please chat us up for details on the costs

Price includes :

Full day use within the city of Banda Batam until 22:00 WIB, per day
Free Car + Driver Salary + Fuel
Free 1x airport pick-up/drop-off on the first day and 1x return at the airport on the last day

Prices Exclude :

Driver’s meal
Toll Fees and Public Parking
Entrance Fee for Attractions
Driver accommodation fees outside the city of Batam (Standard Fee Rp. 250,000/night or lodging facilities can be provided by the tenant)
Overtime fee of 10% / hour of the rental price if it is above 22:00 in the city of Batam
Other costs that arise at the tenant’s instructions

Out-of-town usage fees will be charged if you travel outside the specified city/region. Use outside the specified Batam Outer Zone will incur an additional fee. please contact our team for the rental fee

Car Rental Services in Batam Airport

Specifically for those who want a comfortable car for leisure and business in Batam. Car rental facilities at Hang Nadim airport are open 24 hours with ICANRENTACAR.COM.

Providing cheap car rental in Batam and of course affordable. Automatic cars have become a trend and a practical symbol in driving, many of the advantages that you will find when using this type of car. This automatic car is indeed very suitable for those of you who don’t like complicated driving or even want to be more efficient and practical. Especially when vacationing in Batam, you will explore various routes and terrain with varying distances.

Your Comfort is Our Pride

Of course every trip you have to go well, for that our company prioritizes your safety and comfort in driving. All our rental cars are no more than 4 years old and are always updated according to vehicle developments and the need for automatic car rental in Centre Ferry Terminal and Hang Nadim Airport We are very concerned about the following:

  1. All our cars are regularly maintained through the standardization of the feasibility of a rental car to always be ready in top condition when received by the customer.
  2. Ensure the comfort and safety of all our customers when driving in Batam Indonesia.
  3. All car insurance covers all risks. All Risk Insurance is very useful to protect all our customers from the very large cost of car repair from accidental or unintentional accidents.
Rental Innova Reborn Jakarta Selatan

About Us

ICAN stands for Indonesia Car Area Network, providing cars for Business and Tourism. Founded in 2008 managed by people who are trusted, experienced and honest.

Car Rental Requirements

Each driver must present a valid and original photo ID or passport.

Each driver must present a full, valid and original national driver’s license held for a minimum of 1 years.

If your license is not in the language used in your destination country, an International Driver’s Permit to accompany your national driver’s license is highly recommended.

establish relationships and make it easy to get to know each other

What is included in Our rates


The process is easy!


Find Your Car

Choose from a range of cars and rental duration! From daily to over a year. We have a car for every occasion and budget!


Customize your car

From additional child, with our driver, add full protection, we accommodate all.


Rent Your Car Now

Simply contact our experienced staff to collect your car and drive away!

Friendly Ask Question

You ask, we answer

We only require a small cash deposit, we don’t ask you for your credit card number and we don’t keep your documents. Only Pay USD 100 as a security deposit on pick-up, We accept any currency, just pay equivalent of USD 100 in your country currency and the same will be refunded when rental is finished.

Our crew will pick you up on arrival. simply give us your flight ticket. to find out on schedule or delay. usually he will give you a name tag board or you can get in touch via whatsapp chat. then lead you to the car

the car rented has insurance, for insurance costs in the event of a minor accident of USD $ 35 /panel,

the cost in the event of a major accident that makes the car unable to operate the maximum cost of the claim for insurance is USD $ 1.000

Car rental at ICAN RENT CAR, there are 2 options for how to rent a car

1. The easiest way, you can rent via the website with the calculation of 1 day rental : 24 hours

2. Via Whatsapp Chat, car rental calculation per usage date

Use 1 day: 24 hours like what?

Such as using a 2-day car rental
sir/madam use the 11th at 10:00 then the 13th will finish at the same time at 10:00

When passing use then
There is an overtime fee of 20% of the daily rental price
However, if you use it after 3 hours of use. Then count for 1 day the cost of renting a car.

Car rental is calculated per date of use

For example, ladies and gentlemen rent from 11/04/2023 to 14/04/2023, the rental is calculated as 4 days of use

Then What About Hourly Returns?

Like using a car rental for 4 days
Sir/Madam use the 11th at 05.00 then the 14th ends at 22.00

car rental with driver is 12 hours. overtime 10% of the car rental price per day

CALL US NOW +62813-7042-3078 OR +62821-1161-7154

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