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Trusted Car Rental in Lombok for Vacation 

Lombok is one of the most beautiful island in Indonesia. In fact, Lombok is well known with its beaches. You are looking for Car Rental in Lombok Indonesia? Self drive Car Rental, Trusted Car Rental, Complete Fleet with the Cheapest Price in Lombok, only you find here!

But actually Lombok is more than beaches. There are still many other beautiful places to visit there. So, it is a good idea if your plan your next vacation in Lombok.

When visiting Lombok, of course you should explore many places.

So, you will need to rent a car. Talking about car rental in Lombok, there is a trusted company named Indonesia Car Area Network (ICAN). They will give you solution for your car rent needs.


Car Rental in Lombok - Comfort Guarantee

car rental in lombok
Rental Innova Reborn Jakarta Selatan

About Us

ICAN stands for Indonesia Car Area Network, providing cars for Business and Tourism. Founded in 2008 managed by people who are trusted, experienced and honest.

our unique advantages on car RENTAL IN Lombok

No Credit Card required for online reservation

Please keep in mind that its always better to reserve your car in advance. This way, you get the best rates possible. When booking last minute, there is always the possibility, that there will be no cars available…

Our people will wait for you, when you arrive, and you could pay on collection, in cash, or with your credit card (without credit card fees, and without extra charges).

Book your car without prepayment!

This is now easier than ever. You can select the model  that fits your needs best, automatic or manual, convertible or family car, and reserve it online.

Please note, that a very small deposit is usually required, in order to confirm your reservation. The main rental amount is paid when you collect your car.

  • Book Now, Pay Later
  • Pay on Collection
  • Secure Reservation
  • No Credit Card fees!
  • No Advanced Payment
  • No Hidden costs & surprises

Car Rental Requirements

Each driver must present a valid and original photo ID or passport.

Each driver must present a full, valid and original national driver’s license held for a minimum of 1 years.

If your license is not in the language used in your destination country, an International Driver’s Permit to accompany your national driver’s license is highly recommended.

establish relationships and make it easy to get to know each other

What is included in Our rates


What to Explore in Lombok

Exploring Lombok will be endless. There are too many beautiful places to visit.

There are wonderful beaches, beautiful lakes, amazing mountains, great culinaries, unique handcrafts, valuable cultural arts, etc.

However, they are separated each other between the tourist places. That is why you need a car to be rented.

Fortunately, ICANRENTACAR.COM has everything you need when it comes to car rental services.

Whatever the type of car you want, they will provide it.

Easy & Safe Car Rental

We recommend you to trust ICANRENTACAR.COM if you want to rent a car not without of any reason.

Renting a car at this car rent in Lombok is very easy. You can book it first and then use the car later based on your schedule.

The development of technology makes everything easier. You will be able to get complete information about what vehicle you need in Lombok via internet.

So, you don’t need to bother going to their office if you want to book a car.

There are many options to choose based on your desire.

Besides easy, it is also safe. With their car, your vacation will be memorable & also safe because all of the cars provided are in good conditions.

Explore Lombok with a rental car from ICAN

Our company offers free delivery and pickup at the Airport and Lombok City, for 7 days car rental bookings in all villages, locations and hotels in Lombok

If you choose to pick up or drop off your rental car at the Lombok-Praya (BILP) / Internasional Zainuddin Abdul Madjid (BIZAM) Airport, a ICAN representative will be waiting for you on arrival, holding a sign. Alternatively, if you choose to have the rental car delivered to your Hotel, our company representative will be waiting for you at the Hotel reception upon your arrival.

We are ready to serve you wherever you receive and deliver your car, because we provide car rental services in all locations in the Lombok area!

Car rental at Lombok Airport

Get more out of your trip and go further with the flexibility of a rental car at Lombok Airport

We are specifically engaged in the automotive sector, to be precise, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly car rentals according to the wishes of the client. Our market share is individuals and companies. The rental model can be self drive or with a driver. Our members already number in the thousands scattered around Surabaya. We rent various types of cars, including city car,  MPV, SUV, City Car, Premium Car to Van and Bus

Vacation with Family or Friends 

With whom you will have a vacation in Lombok?

With whoever you want to go there, it does not matter because this car rental service provider in Lombok has transportation solution for you all.

For example, you are going to go to Lombok with your spouse, family, friends, classmates, colleagues, or others.

If you need a transportation that can accommodate more passengers, ICANRENTACAR.COM provides bus service.

You can rent a bus and you can choose the capacity based on your need. So, you can get best moments with anyone together.

Almost all types of vehicle are available. So, whatever the type of car you need, they will help you find the best transportation solution.

You can choose the type of car, the brand, the capacity, and even the driver, too. So, they can ensure that you will be satisfied during your holiday.

All the vehicles are new and no more than four years old. Of course the conditions are also great because they always maintain the vehicles regularly.

It guarantees you as the customers to get the best services.

Now, there should be no reason not to trust ICANRENTACAR.COM

With driver or without driver Car Rental in Lombok

We are available to accompany you 24 hours Lombok Car Rental Customer Services

Don’t hesitate to choose us. Want to travel and adventure

ICAN RENT CAR is here to make it easier for you to rent a car in Lombok

Only at ICAN RENT CAR that provides the most complete service. All LATEST cars are routinely cared for and always kept clean so that they are in prime condition and the car is comfortable and clean to use.

With the best service we provide, we managed to increase satisfaction

The most complete selection of cars in response to customer needs quickly makes us the best car rental in Lombok

Hassle free car booking service. Save on car rental bookings

With so many car rental options available in Lombok, making the decision to rent a car can be overwhelming. It’s even more frustrating when you’ve decided to book the car you want and realize it doesn’t have insurance

We offer the best affordable prices so that your entire car booking experience is hassle-free.
Tell us what you need and our dedicated team will find the perfect option just for you.

Comfortable & Relaxed

During your vacation, you must be relaxed. You certainly want to enjoy your vacation without being tired or even stressed.

By renting a car from this car rental in Lombok, your trip will be really enjoyable. You will feel comfortable in the car while seeing the beautiful scenery along the road.

You can be relaxed in the car and let their driver do their job.

However, you can also drive the car by yourself if you want.

Anyway, make your trip as enjoyable as possible so that you will be satisfied with your vacation in Lombok.

Economical & Cheap

You should not worry about your budget. ICANRENTACAR.COM offers best prices for renting a car. In fact, the prices are reasonable.

The prices have also included the fuel so that you do not need to spend extra money for it.

In addition, you also do not need to give the driver a lunch because it is the responsibility of ICANRENTACAR.COM.

So, we can say that this car rent service in Lombok is considered as one of the most affordable options compared to others.

Time Efficiency

There are many advantages if you choose ICAN for renting a car.

One of them is time efficiency. In fact, you do not need to be confused to look for any address.

You will also not get lost. So, you will not waste your time. You will be picked up and there is no extra cost for it.

If you need a driver, they provide professional and experiences drivers who will guide you to explore Lombok.

Even more, they all know alternative ways when you are stuck in traffic. By saving time, you will have more time to rest or explore other places you want. Then, your vacation will be unforgettable.

Driver & Guide

As it is mentioned before, this car rental in Lombok provides professional and experienced drivers. So, you will feel like having a private driver during your vacation in Lombok. Not only that, but your driver can be a guide, too.

So, you can ask the driver about everything related to best spots in Lombok.

The driver will give you best options and you can choose to visit your desired spots. As the best car rent service provider,

ICANRENTACAR.COM always give best services to the clients or customers because their priority is customers’ satisfaction.

It is the way how to appreciate the customers who have trusted ICAN in providing a car to rent.



Interested in traveling to Lombok, come whenever you want to come here.

For that provides the transportation you need during traveling. will be the best transportation you need.

Reservation is easier through the website. With wide network support in 34 cities in Indonesia, MedanJakarta, Aceh, Denpasar, Bali, Padang,BatamPalembangJambi, PekanbaruRiau, Surabaya, Yogyakarta,  BandungBengkuluLombok and Semarang ETC
We are ready to serve your transportation needs.


You can pick up the car at one location and return it to another.

Usually this type of service is expensive. If the distance between the rental stations is far enough, the delivery fee may exceed the entire rental price.

But of course we will provide the cheapest prices from other companies

For this information, please contact us further

the car rented has insurance, for insurance costs in the event of a minor accident of $ 35 /panel,

the cost in the event of a major accident that makes the car unable to operate the maximum cost of the claim for insurance is $ 1.000

Jl. J Koprasi no. 178 Pejeruk, Kec. Ampean Kota Mataram Nusa Tenggara Barat Nusa Tenggara Barat, 83552

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