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How to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase Customer Satisfaction

In addition, there are also neutral customer feelings, which are not satisfied, but also not disappointed. In this case, of course you should be able to attract the feelings of customers to rely on satisfaction.
So you can make improvements to your products and services, and of course will increase customer satisfaction.

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Bring Comfort to Consumers

There are several things that can affect customer satisfaction with the products or services that your company sells.
of course, the quality of the product or service that you sell must be good and not disappointing because the customer will judge whether the product or service is worth the cost they have to pay to buy it. Usually, customers will look for products or services that are cheap, but of good quality. However, it is possible that your customers are interested in buying your product or service at a high price. Provided that the quality is equivalent to expectations after sacrificing what the customer does.

Basically, you can also add emotional value to the products and services that you offer. Nowadays you can find many examples of companies or individuals who sell various products and services that have emotional value. For example, if you are an entrepreneur who provides car rental services. to make you feel comfortable, you have to give perfume. of course this is very functioning in providing a comfortable feeling for car rental services.

Quickly reply to questions about your service or product

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In addition to the things mentioned earlier, the way you respond to customer questions or chats (which use the chat feature as a medium) also determines the level of customer satisfaction. Of course customers will not feel satisfied if you are slow in answering customer questions, even though the products you sell are of good quality. This is one of the important things in your service transactions, especially in the online world. You can also provide media to hear complaints from customers, or by providing media for customers to provide value (ratings) for the products or services that you sell.

Giving a Discount Price

The last thing you can do to increase customer satisfaction is to give a discount for a certain period, especially for your loyal customers. This step is also a very strategic step for you to increase sales. You only need to play a little with the numbers / selling price of your product or service so that this step does not harm you.

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