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Trip to Lake Toba Tourism Paradise

Who does not know Lake Toba? formed by volcanic tecto earthquakes several tens of thousands of years ago, this phenomenon that makes colors and wonders have attracted tourists to visit Lake Toba.

Not only interesting because of that, Lake Toba also has a myriad of attractions, it is estimated that more than 100 attractions are scattered in 7 districts whose territory is Lake Toba. Call it Samosir Regency with Samosir Island, Tuktuk, Tomok and Ambarita. Dairi Regency with Silalahi and Paropo, Karo Regency with Tongging, Mount Sipiso-Piso and Sipiso-Piso Waterfall, Humbang Hasundutan Regency with Sipinsur, Janji Waterfall, Toba Samosir Regency with Balige, Meat, Tara Bunga and North Tapanuli District with Muara, Sibandang Island and many others.

Beauty of Lake Toba

Peeling the beauty of Lake Toba may not necessarily be completed in just a few days, we need more days. And every time we discuss Lake Toba, each time we will also try to mention tourist attractions that are anti-mainstream. Toba has been designated as one of the national strategic tourism areas of the 10 places prioritized by the central government. The development of Lake Toba certainly reaps a lot of pros and cons but far in the future, we hope that the development does not necessarily change the face of the existing traditions and culture, but rather cohesive and unified so that it becomes sharpened. Lake Toba is rich in culture, rich in tourist attractions, rich as a source of knowledge and also a hidden paradise.

There are several reasons why Lake Toba must be your next vacation destination

1. Beautiful Nature & Tranquil Atmosphere

By spending one or two weeks there, you can enjoy the beauty of nature while relaxing and away for a moment from the sometimes tiring social interactions. This kind of tranquility that you will find in Lake Toba.

2. Cool Air

Sometimes we prefer to vacation abroad in search of a different atmosphere, far from our daily routine. Even though you only need to stay in Lake Toba to enjoy the cool air and spectacular views that are not inferior to those in Europe.

3. Stunning Panoramas

If you are interested in forgetting for a moment the skyscrapers in the city and replacing them with breathtaking natural scenery and soothing fresh air, the vast lake is almost twice the size of Singapore is the right place.

Its location on the top of a giant volcano that has been inactive since 74,000 years ago makes the scenery here very dramatic. Coupled with a row of mountains around it, and a procession of clouds that decorate on it, making the atmosphere of Lake Toba increasingly magical!

4. Batak people and Their Culture

Not just scenery, here you will also fall in love with the hospitality and traditions of the Batak people who partly inhabit Samosir Island, right in the middle of Lake Toba.

Although the beauty of Samosir Island is undoubtedly, there are still many other amazing things that you can find there. Well, what are you waiting for … take leave and immediately order tickets for a vacation to Lake Toba!

Tour Package or the 3 day 2 night with ICAN RENT CAR

Medan Lake Toba 3D2N Tour Package or the 3 day 2 night battle tour package is a tour package offering for those of you who are planning a vacation to Lake Toba with your family.

Medan 3 Day 2 Night Tour Package offers a one night stay at Parapat hotel and another night hotel in Medan.

Medan Lake Toba Tour Package Deals 3D2N
This tour package offers a complete tour to the best destinations in North Sumatra, such as Lake Toba, Samosir Island, Simarjarunjung, Berastagi and Medan City.

The prices we offer are affordable. Want to know what the tour program is like, here we explain below:



Arriving at the gate of arrival in or domestic Kualanamu International Airport you will be welcomed by our representative “Welcome to Medan”.

Next go to a local restaurant to enjoy lunch

After lunch, we leave for Lake Toba Parapat via Siantar. The trip to Parapat will be taken for four hours through oil palm and rubber plantations.

Arriving in Siantar City we will stop for a moment at the Patent Shop to buy various souvenirs typical of Siantar such as tangtang, tengteng, tingting, pangpang, pengpeng and so forth.

After finishing, continue the journey to Parapat. It is estimated that in the afternoon we will arrive at Parapat. Arriving in Parapat straight to the hotel.

Arriving at the hotel then take a short break until dinner time.

Dinner will be served at the hotel restaurant while accompanied by traditional Batak music. After dinner break and free program.


After breakfast at our hotel, we go straight to the Three Kings Parapat Harbor for the crossing process to Samosir Island.

The trip to Samosir Island will be taken for an hour away by motor boat.

Arriving in Samosir go straight to Tomok Village to uncover the Mystery of the Tomb of King Sidabutar and the beautiful Legend of the Princess of Melala Earrings.

In addition to megalithic attractions, in Tomok Village you can also see a Sigale-gale dance performance. The Sigale-gale dance is one of the traditional Batak dances in Samosir.

Sigale-gale is a wood carving that resembles humans and can dance to the accompaniment of traditional Batak music (personal exspense).

After finishing, hunt for souvenirs or souvenirs at Tomok Traditional Market.

After hunting for souvenirs, head to Tomok Ferry Port for the crossing process back to Parapat.

Arriving in Parapat go directly to a local restaurant to enjoy lunch (ISHOMA)

After lunch, the trip will continue to Berastagi via Simarjarunjung.

The trip to Berastagi will be taken for 4 hours by crossing the hills and winding roads.

During the trip to Berastagi we will stop by several tourist attractions such as Mount Simarjarunjung to enjoy the famous ginger tea and fried bananas (perseonal expense).

In addition to Bukit Indah Simarjarunjung, we will also stop at Tongging Village, the tourist attraction of Sipiso-piso Waterfall, which is known as one of the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia.

Next, continue the journey to Berastagi. It is estimated that by late afternoon we will arrive.

Arriving in Berastagi, head straight for Bukit Gundailing to enjoy the beautiful view of Berastagi City.

In addition, from Gundailing Hill we can also see Mount Sinabung from a 7km radius.

After finishing, head to Berastagi Fruit Market to see a variety of flowers, vegetables and fresh fruits.

Next to the city of Medan. The trip will be taken for 2 hours by crossing the winding roads. It is estimated that at night we will arrive in Medan City.

Arriving in the city of Medan next to a local restaurant to enjoy lunch (ISHOMA)

After dinner, we will transfer you to Kedai Ucok or Kedai Bolang to enjoy the delicious durian medan (personal expense).

Finish eating durian next to the hotel. During the trip to the hotel we will take you around for a moment to enjoy the atmosphere of the city of Medan such as to Merdeka Walk, Kesawan and Post Office. Arriving at the hotel, then rest and free program.


After breakfast at the city tour hotel to Maimun Palace, Mesjid Raya, Sri Mariaman Temple and Gunung Timur Temple.

Next to the local restaurant to carry out lunch.

After lunch, we will take you to the souvenir center in Medan such as Marqisa Noerlen, Bika Ambon, Bolu Meranti and Pancake Durian. After completing the journey continue to the airport.

Arriving at Kualanamu International Airport tour, it will finish. Thank you and see you again with our Medan tour packages and other Medan tour packages. Thank you ***


Hotels of your choice, sharing a room with twos and threes
Eat according to the program (halal food)
Full AC transportation
Public ferry crossing Parapat – Samosir PP
Driver and Guide
Entrance ticket to tourist attraction
Vehicle parking
Mineral water


Flight ticket
Airport tax
Personal expenses
Optional tour
Tipping Driver and Guide


This price is only valid for the low season period, does not apply to the high season holiday season such as Christmas, New Year, Idul Fitri and other holidays.
These prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice


  • Green Garden Hotel Berastagi (3*) / * Grand Impression Hotel Medan (3*)
  • Sinabung Hotel Berastagi (4*) / Saka Premier Medan (4*)
  • Mikie Holiday Hotel Berastagi / Grand Mercure Hotel Medan (5*)
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