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Lake Toba is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia. Not surprising because the attraction of the lake in the province of North Sumatra is indeed extraordinary. The tourist destinations on Lake Toba are also quite diverse because of the landscape and the creativity of its citizens, which makes the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia one of the must visit tourism spots in North Sumatra.

However, not a few are only half-measures exploring the beauty of Lake Toba. In fact, there are many new tourist attractions on Lake Toba that are no less interesting and also invite admiration for anyone who comes there.

To be able to enjoy Lake Toba to its full potential, it never hurts to find out new and contemporary tourist spots around the lake, which formed in a caldera from a super volcano in Indonesia. ICANRENTCAR.com has a list of several tourist destinations on Lake Toba, which will make your visit much more enjoyable and memorable. Check below, yes!

Pusuk Buhit Mountain

There is a volcano inside a super volcano, and Mount Pusuk Buhit is that magical natural phenomenon. Located on the island of Samosir, which is in the super volcano Toba caldera, Mount Pusuk Buhit offers its own beauty.

You can see Toba from a height of more than 1,900 meters above sea level. The atmosphere is cool, the panoramas are amazing. You have to spend time trekking at Mount Pusuk Buhit when visiting Samosir.

Paropo, Danau Toba

The atmosphere is really fun, with views of the mountain as the background and the waters in front of it.

Beautiful sunrise in the hills of Toba – Bobok Hills

Want to get the maximum impression of enjoying the morning? Just visit Gajah Bobok Hill before sunrise. From its peak, you can enjoy a cool sunrise on the eastern horizon, while watching the beauty of the hilly landscape around Lake Toba.

Another memorable experience that you can get here is camping on a hilltop. If you are lucky, you can see beautiful clusters of stars with the naked eye

Green hills and weeds – Holbung Samosir

Holbung Hills makes an exotic feel. With Lake Toba on one side, while the other side is a cluster of green hills, you can enjoy every second with cool breeze and weeds dancing because of the wind.

Fun track to enjoy Lake Toba – Siadtaratas Hills

A path is formed right on the Siadtaratas hill, which ends at the shore of Lake Toba and the top of the hill. Going along requires courage, because there is a possibility of slipping and falling down.

However, it must be admitted, being in the Siadtaratas hill pass is quite impressive. Moreover, at the top of the hill, you can free your eyes to enjoy Toba and all its advantages freely. So top!

Negeri Bakkara

It is an area on the southwestern outskirts of Lake Toba, located between two hills and at a certain time, producing extraordinary views.

At a certain point, you can see this area covered by a shadow of one of the existing hills. The panoramas are really epic too. You should visit this region if you have the opportunity to vacation on Lake Toba.

Bukit Indah Simarjarunjung

Here, you can explore your selfie abilities with the many instagenic photo locations. From ‘bird’s nest’, boardwalks, extreme swings to star boards you can use all of your selfies.

Iconic spot on the coast of Toba – Tele Samosir View Tower

Enjoying tours on Lake Toba from a height is indeed special, and one of the spots to get that sensation is in the Tele Samosir View Tower.

There are several different levels and visibility to witness the splendor of Lake Toba. Special, this tower of view offers unusual views from a height

A refreshing cool outflow – the Euphrates Falls

Who doesn’t like to play water? When visiting Lake Toba, you can have fun playing underwater waterfalls at Efrata Falls. Its location which is not so far from the city center and easy access roads make this waterfall one of the top tourist attractions in Samosir.

The scenery around the waterfall is still natural, even so with the atmosphere. What is fun, the panorama of the waterfall itself is quite impressive and the water is also fresh and soothing

Ancient Batak village in Samosir – Huta Siallagan, Ambarita Village

It would be less like a vacation in a new region without feeling the feel of the local countryside. In Samosir, while enjoying the beauty of Lake Toba, there is no harm in visiting the ancient Batak village of Huta Siallagan.

Remarkably, this village is famous for its cannibal traditions and keeps the history of the Trial Stone. The nuances of the village are also a bit spooky, but it’s still fun to visit, you know! Also, you can shop for souvenirs here. To be sure, this tourist spot on Lake Toba you must visit!

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