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Do not want problems with your rental car, find a car rental in Indonesia that has clear insurance

Renting a car is one way for people to travel

This makes the vehicle a very valuable vehicle and must be cared for properly.

The price is quite expensive, certainly makes all customers do not want any unreasonable costs in the event of a major accident or simple problem

Therefore, it is very important to know the car you rent does have insurance?

Car Rental Insurance

Car Rental Insurance

Unfortunately many rental companies ignore insurance to make a profit.

This is due to lack of information about insurance benefits on the cars they have.

So that car owners and agents do not fully understand their insurance benefits.

Many car companies ignore insurance?
watch out for unreasonable costs for you

There are two types of insurance products that can be selected by car rental companies in Indonesia

All-Risk Insurance

this all-risk or comprehensive car insurance,

the insurance company will pay claims for all types of damage, apply to minor damage, severe damage to loss in a traffic accident or due to natural disasters and riots.

By paying the regular premium fee according to the contract stated in the insurance policy, the car rental company can get a protection program for your rental car.

Sample case; a car that just blisters, dents

In this case, a claim can be made if the insurance is comprehensive insurance.

Lost Only Total Insurance (TLO)

only guarantees risk due to theft and damage if the repair costs are estimated to be equal to or exceeding 75 percent of the price of the vehicle just before the loss.

Total Loss Only (TLO) insurance was chosen because the premium price is relatively cheaper than the all risk insurance.

The insurance company will provide protection and help carry out legal responsibility for partial damage and total damage to the insured car according to the premium value.

Basically, insurance frees you from the extra costs that must be incurred when there is damage to the car.

Car insurance is not only useful for insurance owners and car drivers only.

There is also a coverage option that can cover the damage to other motorist’s car due to your negligence, so you do not need to panic and dizzy because the damage will be compensated by the insurance.

all cars provided by ICANRENTACAR.COM certainly have All Risk Insurance for convenience and convenience for those of you who want to make a short or long trip.

To find out clearly, the cost of insurance claims you can click here


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