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Self-Drive Car Rental in Bali

Bali is famous for its endless variety of tourist attractions to visit. Starting from the row of beautiful beaches, shady natural attractions, stunning cliff views, to historical attractions that are very interesting to visit. Vacationing in Bali does require quite a long time to enjoy various tourist attractions, but for those of you who want to save on a budget for your vacation, it is worth considering an economical and efficient transportation option. Various online transportation services are now increasingly mushrooming in Bali such as Uber, GO-CAR, and GrabCar, but if you travel by visiting many places it will be very expensive for the cost

Bali trips can be very difficult to do according to other people’s schedules; if you see Bali as part of a tour group, you cannot change your destination. But if you have an international Licence Driving, you can avoid this difficulty by renting your own car when in the city of Bali.

If you are inviting friends or family, and you are an experienced driver, renting a car yourself might be preferred. If you have planned your own itinerary in Bali, you can use your self-drive to play tour guides to your friends or family and see the view at your own time.

You need to consider other options for your transportation solutions while on holiday in Bali. Car rental is the right choice if you want a vacation with a partner or family in Bali. Because you can play wherever you want freely.

Requirements for Renting an Independent Car in Bali

When renting a car, you must show an international driver’s license. If you don’t have it, you can get a driving license at the police station in Denpasar. This license is valid for one month’s use.

Cars for rent in Bali usually have a manual transmission, and always drive directly, because left traffic applies in Indonesia.

Car rental does not always include insurance in the package. You should always ask the rental agent about the insurance coverage they provide; often these will be charged as additional items above the rental fee. Some other tips that you should keep in mind before you commit to renting a self-drive car:

Check for car damage or other problems before you sign on the dotted line. The rental agent might blame you for the damage that is already in the car if you leave without bringing it to the attention of the agent.
Test-drive your rental car before paying. You must ensure that the brake pedal, hand brake, and clutch all function as specified!
Fuel costs are usually not included in the price.
Driving conditions in Bali
Driving in Bali is far from the same experience as in the US or Europe. Drivers on the road tend to follow their own rules; in fact, it’s almost as if there were no rules in force.

Roads may be closed arbitrarily to make way for ceremonial processions, especially during the holiday season such as Galungan. Drivers do not recognize the usual road rules, often giving way only if their vehicle is smaller than yours. And motorbikes veering into your lane without warning it will happen too often.

The road network can be very confusing if you are not familiar with the Bali road network. The signs are at best unclear, at worst not there. Wide roads can gradually enter narrow streets. One-way and one-lane roads are common, requiring long distances to return to certain locations.

And that doesn’t include other roadblocks, such as food carts blocking traffic, or holes in Kansas. All told, you need extraordinary skills and patience to drive safely in Bali, so you better think about this issue before committing to renting the self-drive. If you are a relatively new driver, don’t rent the drive yourself; get a car with a driver to drive you around.

Tips for Driving in Bali

  • Be careful when approaching an intersection. Drivers from the side of the road might not be seen when joining your road, and some drivers even consider traffic lights signals as advice.
  • In Bali, larger vehicles have road rights.
  • Honk your horn while touring the blind corner; many drivers are driving in the middle of the road.
  • Watch out for rigging prices at smaller gas stations. Foreign drivers may be overcharged. Stick to refueling at the main gas station, where prices are standardized and clearly displayed.

Find a Trusted Car Rental

Not a few people are exposed to deception when renting a car. For example, you are charged an unusual additional fee for excess rental time. There are also those who suddenly find damage in the body of the car and ask us to replace it, even though we drive safely.

Therefore, look for a trusted and proven honest car rental first. You can search for it on the internet, usually car rentals that have their own sites can be trusted. If not, ask your friends or relatives who live in the city. Ask for their recommendations on where to rent a safe car.

For Bali, one of the rentals that you can make is the reference ICAN CAR RENTAL. You can enjoy a variety of conveniences ranging from booking through an easy and safe website, timely car delivery to the shuttle service both to the airport and to the hotel where you stay. Besides that, the requirement to rent at ICAN RENT CAR is not difficult, you only need to fill in an Online Booking Form at by filling out your details in your detail form.

Message well in advance

Period of vacation, car rental certainly targeted by many tourists. Therefore it’s good you order ahead of time. But know in advance, what date you will definitely rent a car. The closer to Lebaran, the higher the rental price will be. Car choices will be even less.

Know the rental price range

It is important for you to know the price range of car rental. Rental prices in big cities and small cities are certainly different. Generally, car rental prices for city car types are US $ 20-35, MPV in Bali currently ranges between US $ 30-50 for SUV types US $ 55-140 and US $ 190- 220 for Toyota Alphard or Vellfire. ICAN RENT CAR in Bali also provides luxury car types such as Merzedes Benz, Camry, Jeep, Porshe, Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Duration of Rental

In Balicars are generally leased for 12 hours either with a driver or off key Make sure you return the car before the rental time runs out. Don’t forget to ask for additional fees if you are past the deadline.

Remove the lock

When renting a car, you are given the option whether you want to “release the key” or not. This means whether you want to drive your own car, or want to use the services of a driver. “Remove the key” or self-driving would cost less. If you do not know the area, it is better to use the services of a driver.

Check the condition of the vehicle

Before taking a rental car away, first check the conditions. Make sure there are no defects in the body and the inside of the car. If there is, report it to the rental clerk. Not just a physical car, also check each function. Starting from the brakes, water, to the car battery. This is useful to avoid you being cheated when the car is returned.

Pay Upfront

Some car rentals have an advance payment system. You can pay directly when ordering a vehicle. ICAN RENT CAR gives a discount if you take this option. You can see the scheme or calculation of their credible payment calculations. ICAN RENT CAR provides discounts with a minimum usage of 4 days. They also make sure your money is safe in case of cancellation.


Many car rentals that rent vehicles complete with gasoline. Make sure you know very well that the car you are paying for includes everything, such as gasoline and the driver. Even abroad, there are car rentals that will replace your gas money. Therefore it never hurts you to save the receipt of gasoline. At ICAN RENT CAR you can choose the All in Tour Package Option. This price is guaranteed to be cheap because they prepare your trip to cover all travel costs. You can relax without thinking about costs such as gasoline, toll fees, parking, and driver salaries.

Prepare a credit card

Some car rentals require credit card ownership. This requirement is to ensure that car tenants are customers who have been registered with the bank and are considered to be good and have a clear origin. Credit card ownership requirements generally apply in large car rental companies that have branch offices in various major cities in Indonesia.

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